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Streaming Instructions

Want to watch our services online? Follow this link to learn how!


As a church we have made available multiple ways to watch recent Sunday Morning Services. In this post we want to describe how to utilize those options. There are no restrictions to how many or how often you can utilize these options. You can use one of the options or all of them. It is up to you.

Here are a list of options to view our weekly services.

# 1 - Dedicated Page on our Website and Church Online

This option is straight-forward just follow the link on the navigation bar on the top of the page. You can also find the link in the list of options on our homepage. In both cases it will be called "Live". This will send you to our online church platform.

The online church platform is from the same church that created the YouVersion Bible app. This platform allows for the church to interact with each other with an integrated YouVersion Bible app, live chat and live prayer features.


#2 - Roku Channel

You will find our channel listed in Roku's channel store whether you are looking on their website, the Roku mobile app, or on your Roku device itself. The instructions listed here will walk you through adding the channel on the Roku device itself.

  • Start by finding the listing on the main menu for adding channels, usually named "Streaming Channels" and press OK
  • The quickest way to finding our channel is by using the search utility. Move the selection down to "Search Channels".
  • Then press the right arrow. In the search field type, "fbc kahoka" (without the quotes). The channel should show up on the right.
  • Press the right arrow until you have highlighted the channel listing. Find "FBC Kahoka"
  • Once you have highlighted our channel, you should see our logo on the right side of the screen. Press OK
  • At this point you should see an option to "Add channel". Highlight this option and press OK.
  • You should see a popup indicating that the channel is being downloaded and installed. Wait for the prompt "Channel added" and press OK.
  • You can now highlight "Go to channel" and press OK. This will take you to our channel.
  • If you want to go back to your home screen you can by pressing the home button.

Once the channel has been added you can find it in your channel listings by looking for our church logo.

If you want to find our channel in Roku's online store you can follow this link.

#3 - Facebook Live

Open your Facebook app on your phone or browse to on your computer then find our church's page. Please note that in order to view our Facebook page you must have a Facebook account.


As a church we also have a resources available from RightNowMedia. You can access these audio and video resources from most any internet connected phone, tablet, computer, and some smart tv platforms. You can find more features by visiting their website for device compatibility by clicking this link.

If you do not have access to RightNowMedia please follow the instructions on this page to request access.


We have ensured there are many ways for you to stay connected with us when you're away. If you need additional guidance on how to utilize any of these platforms please utilize our contact page.