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Coronavirus Updates

Updates from FBC Kahoka concerning the coronavirus pandemic.


Reminder -

We are only holding Sunday AM services. Our Wednesday night program is always shut down until fall.

We are also having internet problems at our building so I will be typing and posting our last Q&A answers to our FaceBook page ( a little later on.

Thanks for being patient and have an awesome Wednesday!


Update Starting May 10th:

The First Baptist Church of Kahoka will be reopening its doors after several weeks of mandatory closure due to national and state level executive orders.

While we are allowed to gather, we are still not encouraged to do so. As a result of our need to remain socially distant, combined with our freedom to gather; we have decided to offer morning worship with the following changes until further notice.

  1. There will be no Sunday school classes for any age.
  2. We will not be offering a nursery during worship.
  3. We will not be offering Children's Church during worship.
  4. We will not have our meet and greet time.
  5. We will not be passing an offering plate.

This may seem like a list of "will nots," but it's actually our loving attempt to both care for you, and the community around us while providing the opportunity to finally hold corporate worship in a single location.

Here's a list of "wills."

  1. We will still be streaming live online
  2. We will still encourage anyone with an illness, weakened immune system, or known condition to stay home.
  3. We will allow and encourage and manner of appropriate dress / (PPE) personal protective equipment.
  4. We will provide hand sanitizer.
  5. We will have fully cleaned our facility (both before and after worship).
  6. We will remain officially closed (church office hours) to discourage unnecessary visits during the week.
  7. We will be available as staff and volunteers to care for the needs of the church and the community.
  8. We will continue to assist the school district as they continue distributing school lunches.
  9. We will continue to speak the gospel as we go.
  10. We will continue praising Jesus and making plans to deliver His gospel to the ends of the earth!

Thank you for your patience as we work and move together for the good of those needing the gospel. Our primary goal? Love well, speak the gospel, and celebrate the King!


Weekly Schedule:

  • Wednesday Nights - Foundations @ 6pm
  • Sunday Mornings - Worship @ 10:45am

Visit our Streaming Instructions page to learn how to view the services online.


We will have Sunday AM service / Sunday School as regularly scheduled. It will be the last public worship service we will hold for the next few weeks. We have a lot of information, take home mission projects, bibles, truth seeker kid bible books, etc. that we would like to give out.

Please use caution and common sense. While we greatly desire to worship together, there's no reason to risk yourself, your family, or anyone else you may come in contact with in the week to follow. Stay home if you're unwell or unsure.

Important info:

  • We will provide no less than 2 weekly worship sets (Sunday AM at 10:45 & Wednesday Evening at 6PM). You can watch them online through our FBC Kahoka Roku channel, our church website, and through a link shared on our facebook page. You can find streaming instructions at:
  • All information & weekly worship schedule can be found online at:

Please join us in prayer for the next week with this guide linked here.


FBC Kahoka will be partnering with our local schools as a distribution point for food. Children that normally rely on meals provided at school can still do so.

We will have a White Tent set up on the side of our parking lot as a distribution point where families can come collect a meal in a drive through style set up.

Our parking lot will have a half circle style set up with a single-entry point and a single-exit point. Please be mindful of traffic while you wait your turn.

Food distribution starts March 19th at 11:00am and is scheduled: Monday-Friday 11:00am-12:00pm for the next 3 weeks.

Please let us know if we can provide any further community assistance.

2020-03-16 | Message from our pastor

As a church we are greatly encouraging everyone to pray for healing in all areas.

As a church we are not ruled by fear; however we greatly love our community. 

As a church we try to be both trusting in the Lord and not too cavalier in our approach.

With that said-FBC Kahoka will be canceling our Sunday Evening & Wednesday evening programs until further notice.

Also, as a church we have ever intention of providing for each other’s needs.

As the week continues we will post an update of services we can provide our community! 

~Pastor Chris Lind