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2021 Senior Pastor Position Open

A brief summary of the position and responsibilities of the Senior Pastor at FBC Kahoka.

Position Summary

First Baptist Church, Kahoka, MO, is seeking a Senior Pastor to join the Elder Leadership Team that is currently in place. This position will function with the Elder team to guide the local congregation in a way that glorifies God, spreads the Gospel, helps individuals grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible, and seeks to set an example of a life truly lived and devoted to Christ Jesus.


  • Strive to be part of the FBC Kahoka family of believers.
  • Fill the pulpit on Sunday morning, preaching and teaching the word of God.
  • Be available to teach Sunday School.
  • Oversee Sunday School teaching to ensure it aligns with the Bible.
  • Be available to help with the teaching side of Youth Ministries.
  • Schedule office hours on a weekly bassi to be available to those in need.
  • Lead the Elder team in providing counseling to those in need.
  • Be available to conduct wedding ceremonies and funeral ministries when needed.
  • Look for and create opportunities to spread the Gospel with the lost community around Kahoka.
  • Advise and train the lay Elders of the church to help them be more equipped to serve.
  • Offer support to maintain proper functions of the church.

Additional Details

These details are coming soon. In the meantime, if you have questions or are interested in the position please email us at